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Category: State Land
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pdf.png State Land User Guide 1503a HOT

Intended for general users of State Land and describes the screens and functions of the State Land Desktop. Includes a How To section listing step by step instructions describing how to complete tasks using the State Land Desktop.

Date 2015-09-23 File Size 6.38 MB Download 189 Download
java.png State Land Desktop Web Start 1503a HOT

Demonstration web start application for the State Land Desktop.

Date 2015-09-23 File Size 7.59 KB Download 209 Download
zip.png State Land Data Dictionary 1503a

An HTML document package describing the schema's, tables, columns and relationships of the State Land database

Date 2015-09-23 File Size 16.54 MB Download 81 Download
pdf.png State Land Use Case Descriptions HOT

This document contains a series of 11 use case descriptions describing the generic business processes concerning State Land Administration functions performed by a) a central state level unit (SL Team) providing system management services for guardians of the state land and b) those agencies responsible for State land units (Host Organizations) working with daily State Land Administration processes. 

Date 2015-09-23 File Size 948.15 KB Download 139 Download