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The original SOLA software for land administration agencies that require a secure, robust and transparent tenure registration solution. Registry provides integrated registration and cadastral functions, case management and a LADM compliant database. 

Release 1503a is the latest update with a new vibrant colour scheme, support for gender safeguards and new language translations for Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. There are three ways to see Registry in action:

  1. Install the Web Start Application (install instructions below) to try out the functions of Registry Desktop. Registry Desktop is deployed using Java Web Start technology. Users must have internet access and a local installation of the Java 7 or Java 8 SE Runtime Environment (JRE).  

  2. Install the complete application stack for Registry onto your computer and run Registry locally. This requires the installation of several software components (Glassfish, Postgresql and PostGIS) along with configuration of the Glassfish domain. The Windows Installation Guide provides step by step instructions for installing and configuring Registry on the Windows operating system. 

  3. Download and build the source code from the Github SOLA-FAO repositories. To use this source code you will need to sign up for a Github account and install Git. The Github help provides informative tutorials on how to achieve these tasks. Note that Registry uses 10 Git repositories. For details on how to manage these repositories, see the README.txt in the code repository. These repositories are under constant development by the SOLA Team. To obtain the source code for the 1503a Release, checkout the release-1503a tag. 

Documentation supporting this release including the Registry User Guide is available here. The license for the release is available here

Installing the Registry Web Start Application

The instructions below will guide you through the installation of the Registry Desktop Web Start application. The total size of the download for Registry Desktop is approximately 80MB. If you encounter issues with the installation, refer to the Installation Troubleshooting section of the Registry User Guide

Installation Pre-requisites

  1. The Java 7 or Java 8 SE Runtime Environment (JRE) is required for the Registry Desktop Web Start Application. If you don't have Java 7 or Java 8 installed, or would like to upgrade your JRE, you can download the latest Java installation packages from here.
    • Download the latest Java Platform, Standard Edition JRE. It should be approximately 30Mb.
    • You will need to accept the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE before downloading the JRE.
    • Download the product appropriate for your operating system. If you have a Windows 64bit OS, it is recommended you install the Windows x86 Offline option (i.e. 32bit) JRE. The 32bit JRE has better integration with web browsers on both 32bit and 64bit Windows OS.
    • You will require local administration privileges to install the JRE.
    • Avoid installing or running SOLA using Java 7 u25, u40 or u45 . All three of these updates have varying compatibility issues with Java web start applications. 

Installing Registry Desktop

  1. Download the Registry Desktop Web Start JNLP file to your local file system. Shortly after the JNLP file download completes you should see a Java splash displayed followed by the Starting application... dialog. If not, locate the JNLP file on your local hard drive using Windows Explorer or equivalent and double click it.
  2. The application will download and then verify the installation package. The download and verification may take several minutes. Please wait until this action has completed. If an error occurs during the verification, try to download the web start application one more time as some files can fail to download on the first attempt. 
  3. If you are prompted with the Do you want to run this application? dialog, tick Do not show this again... and choose Run.
  4. Registry Desktop will start automatically. To login use the following credentials;      

User:            test      

Password:   test

         Note that both the user and password are case sensitive.

Additional Information

  • The installation will install a shortcut to Registry Desktop on your computer desktop as well as in your Start Menu. These shortcuts may require further configuration. Refer to the Registry User Guide for details.
  • The license for this release is available here.  
  • The demonstration database used for Registry Desktop is reverted daily at 0100 GMT. Any data changes you make will be lost.
  • All users of the Registry Desktop Web Start Application will be able to see any data changes you make until the database is reverted. 
  • For a list of known issues, refer to open tickets the SOLA Lighthouse project. If you encounter an issue or bug that is not listed in the Lighthouse project, you can notify the SOLA Team by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or add a new ticket describing your issue. 
  • To uninstall Registry Desktop, refer to the Uninstall section in the Registry User Guide.